Why do we feel so much intensity around our decisions?

Surrounded by choices, many of us feel near-constant pressure to make the right call, pick the one path that will lead to the best outcome, think through every single possibility. This pressure can be fraught, weighty, and all-encompassing. In trying to make a good decision, over and over again, we find ourselves feeling worn down and worn out.

A different way of holding our choices

Most of us were taught to respond to this kind of fatigue and stress by applying even more pressure and more scrutiny to ourselves, to force ourselves to push even harder to make the correct decision every time.But what if our waffling, our fatigue and indecision, aren’t signs of a moral failure, or of something wrong with us? What if they're a very human response to particular kinds of systemic pressure?In this workshop, we’ll consider why we might feel so much intensity around decisions, the impacts this kind of intense pressure has on us, and plot some ways we might create ease, flow, and new ways of relating to the pressure to get it right all the time.

This workshop is for you if:

- you frequently feel like there are high stakes around decisions
- you struggle to choose a path forward or make the right choice
- you are exhausted from working hard to stave off regret
- you feel shame about avoiding big or small decisions
- you want to find new ways of relating to internal or external pressure around decisions
- you want more ease and creativity around choices of all sizes

Everyone who signs up will receive an email that contains:

- an audio on sources of support amidst pressure
- a link to the 1.5 hour recorded workshop
- downloadable activities on creative responses to neoliberal pressure

Under Pressure uses sliding scale pricing - please choose the tier that works for you.